Bosomworth Family

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What does the name Bosomworth mean, one explanation?
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Our illustrious forebears

Great Granddad
Robinson Bosomworth

Born at Sandhutton July 14th 1849

Died at "Westville" Borrowby, Thirsk 16th September 1936

Married: Elizabeth Mary Hutchinson at Leake Church 12th May 1877

 Elizabeth Mary Hutchinson was born at Kirkby Wiske 20th April 1850

Died at Cowesby Rectory 24th December 1931
Robinson Bosomworth (Granddad)    

Clifford Bosomworth

Austin Bosomworth

Bertram Bosomworth
Robinson Bosomworth Cyril

                Robinson Bosomworth (Granddad)                                                                                               Cyril Bosomworth
Misc. Agriculture

Brian's Family
Hubert Bosomworth Vivian

                            Hubert Bosomworth                                    Vivian Bosomworth 
  Olivia Cill nee Bosomworth   Rosamond Harland nee Bosomworth 
Family Events as written by Olivia

Family left Water Hall, Hayton to live at Brick House, Northallerton, May 13th 1888.
Left Brick House and came to Low House Farm April 6th 1894.

In 1900.
A mothers prayers answered in that all her children converted to God, at a mission held Borrorby by Mr Brasaith.

1905 Robinson went to farm for himself at Sandhutton and in 1912 Cyril went to farm for himself a Thrimbleby.

On the 26th April 1906 Hubert went to Canada and on the 28th May 1913 paid a visit to England to see all the members of his family (shall we ever meet again on earth?)

Left Low House Farm Aril 1921 & went to reside at Cowesby Old Rectory, Left Vivien on the Farm which he had bought the previous year.

On Christmas Eve 1931, Mother passed away after 20 months of helplessness and in February 1932, Father and Olivia went to live at "Westville" Borrowby.

In December 1926, Hubert and his wife & Family came over from Canada for a holiday, and stayed 6 months during which time their little son Arthur died of meningitus. They returned to Canada in May 1927.

Robbie's son Allan accompanied them on board ship and went to farm in Canada at the age of 17 years.

Alan returned to England in Novemeber 1934 & returned to Canada in August 1935.