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The Brexit Betrayal.

Enoch Powell’s EEC / EU Prophecy - Shockingly Accurate RE: UK PM “Theresa the Appeaser”

Praying Medic

My life prior to the year 2000 was pretty ordinary. I was an atheist, doing the best I could to keep things moving in a positive direction. One day, I had an encounter with Jesus in the bunk room of a fire station that forever changed my life.

Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist's Conversion Testimony)

I'm David Wood. Lots of people have been asking me how I became a Christian, because I sometimes mention that I'm a former atheist. This video discusses my conversion and explains why I left atheism and became convinced that Jesus is Lord and that he died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead (just as the Bible declares).

Q, The plan to save the world.



Spiritual personal belief

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