Born at Knayton 22nd May 1878,
Married Laura Etty Clark at Northallerton Wesleyan Chapel 22 May 1905. Retired from Farming 1945. Went to live in Northallerton.

Died 22nd August 1947

Etty died 28th March 1953.

Some of Granddad's sayings.

When visited by family. "People crying out for houses and those that have 'em waint stop in them"

5am Monday morning. Get up the day after tomorrow is't middle oft week and nowt's done yet.

After been given 6 pence for the Sunday school trip. "make sure you bring it back"

Clifford wanted to go to the Circus that was in town Granddad gave him half a crown. Clifford thought all his birthdays had come at once. When he got back he was in big trouble. He was supposed to have taken all seven siblings.

Grandma Etty and Granddad Robinson

Possibly, Granddad Robinson & Grandma Etty
??, Clifford, Austin
Granddad & Laura

Celebration tea for Allan's visit from Canada.


Left to right top row: Tommy, Winnie, Marjorie, Howard, Lorna, Neville, Bertram, Nora, Percy.

Bottom row: Rhoda, Austin, Grandma Etty, Allan, Clifford, Doris, Laura.