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Saturday, May 27, 2006

17 days later - and the world has changed


Oh my goodness you know some days I’d kill for a cod piece – now there was an intelligent piece of male attire.

All that room for the family jewels, nice and airy, not like today’s pants, cramping everything in, making life uncomfortable.


Just driven to Scotland, crossed the border, and it was instantly grey and raining, yup I said I’m in Scotland for sure, no wonder they brew the whiskey – you need it up there – can’t say I did any looting and pillaging though.


Actually it’s all terribly sad, for this week I have lost a dear friend and colleague, - a surrogate Granddad I guess, and almost namesake Karl.



Karl died suddenly en route to Glasgow on the train – and today I drove my Parents to Lockerby – sadly notorious as the crash site of PAN AM Flight PA 103 in 1988 – to collect his personal effects.


The last couple of weeks have been hectic – hence my lack of dairy entry here – those of you – which I guess is all of you – who know my stumble upon blog will see that I have been busy enough there – then again that is an expression of my interests – mostly diversionary ones.  It is pretty difficult having to break the sad news of some ones unexpected death time and again internationally over the phone.


Before Karl left The Burrells for Glasgow – the last brief journey for the dear, cosmopolitan gentlemen and international traveller – we visited my Dad in hospital.

Dad – now home after a five days in the care of Carlisle Hospital trust – had and is recovering, well thank God, from Pancreatitus - in his case of indeterminable cause; all I can say is don’t go there – its really painful.


Angela and Paul celebrated their wedding anniversary taking a trip to Spain followed by a wedding in Portugal too – typically my Dad falls ill a couple of days before they were due to fly – but sensibly I think they took their holiday break – little Paul/a is doing well by all accounts.


The good news personally on a purely Charles related front is that of course I have been able to talk to some dear friends – and they know who they are – especially you – *points*


Any way *points* - as you wish – this is a new blog entry.

3:28 pm

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