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my name is Charles Handley Bosomworth

I was born very young at Penrith Maternity Hospital early hours of September 27th 1969, my mother had been scrubbing stone steps that evening.

My childhood was eventful. Born with restricted hips, I was placed in a plaster cast, my parents were told I would never run and I'd always walk with a limp, being Godly people they put me in the cast but prayed all the same.

>at this point I'll break continuity and say I don't walk with limp and have been known to run long distance cross country and fell runs.<

Home was Kirkby Thore Hall, a 14th Century manor house, and associated farm, not huge mark you, but a large and rambling five bedroom farm house, with some historic architectural oddities Constructed from stone lifted from the Roman Viscus that is fort of Roman encampment known as Bravoniacvm.
It was during those first few months that my hips just came right and I've been fine ever since until I feel off a roof but I'm getting ahead of myself - again

When you tell people you grew up in a house that's heading on for 700 years old, after a few drinks in the pub, you get talking about such things, they ask "oooh was it haunted?" well yes it was...

Experiences in Architectural Antiques