The Bosomworth's Family Cars

Family car history

This a history of cars that we have owned


Austin 10

The first car I remember a 1946 Austin 10 because I fell out of it when I was 4 years old. We would be traveling about 30 mph at the time


Standard Vanguard 3

The second car that I remember. . The other thing as a child I remember Dad driving the Vanguard and reaching 70 mph that was fast.

Rover 105R.

I remember it was a great deal sportier than the 90 and this is the car I had when I met Elizabeth

Rover 3 Litre Coupe

This car had style very comfortable good to drive. I liked this car.


Rover 90

This is the car I first drove after my test


Morris Minor 1100 Van.

 Ours was white. It had Michelin tyres and it was fast. Elizabeth & I did a lot of our courting in this van. I could get from my home to hers which was 33 mile in 27min and that's on country roads.


Volvo 122S


This was a fast car for it's time. The long gear stick was a bit unwieldy but it could go. We had this car when Elizabeth & I married and we went on our honeymoon in it. We had a blue one after that.


Volvo 144S


Like a tank


Scimitar SE5


My first Scimitar was silver. It came from Crossflag Motors, Dumfries. the first one of 3 in a line. Elizabeth had a green automatic, that was an exceptional car. These cars were either very good or awful. They drove well and stuck to the road like glue.


Scimitar SE6


This was one of my favourites, It was white with blue leather upholstery, sun roof, electric windows, etc etc. If I hadn't fell in love with my next car this would have been a long relationship.


Range Rover


A great farm vehicle. Very thirsty put an overdrive in, did improve somewhat, something about a Range Rover gets to you, miss them when you've had one and then don't have one.




Jensen Interceptor Mk3.


This was what I fell in love with. Silver with black upholstery. 


Mazda  B1800


This was the farm truck took the children to school. Good truck.

Ford Sierra


I think it was diesel, Elizabeth's car. She liked this car.

Montego Diesel


Bought this because it had a Perkins engine. Had MF tractors with Perkins and was impressed, The only good thing about the car. An unlucky car.

 BMW 628CSi Manual


Another great car, fast, sporty, & reliable.

Reliant Scimitar SE6


I've put this car in again because I found one in pieces had it rebuilt and sprayed blue.


Range Rover

Had to have another. Had an LPG conversion put on this car improved the economy no end. Great car for long distant driving, can get expensive as it gets older.


Jensen FF Mk2

A beautiful car with character and style, drove fantastic, Charles blew the engine so had it rebuilt. A car that felt right when driven.


Jensen FF Mk 3


One of only 15 ever made. One of the 15 was destroyed so only 14 left in the world. A joy to drive. Had a total body rebuild. absolutely stunning. Circumstances unfortunately forced me to part with it. I understand it went to Australia.


Audi RS2


Charles' choice of a car. Seriously fast. tremendous acceleration.





Good to drive reliable and functional did 105,000 miles and was still tight and sound engine.

Rover 75 comfortable car underrated

Jeep Cherokee 4lt LPG

good to drive and sporty to small gas tank always refilling.         

Land Rover Defender.                     Present car better than expected.